Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Baltimore Humanitarian Service offers Shelter and Wellness programs

Humanitarian services are assistance programs that are provided to individuals who are going through adverse situations which impact their mental health. Such difficult circumstances can lead to the decline of the mental state of a person and also have a negative impact on the physical health. Humanitarian services cater to such individuals and provide them with shelter, education, nutritional requirements and also help them with employment to deal with finances. These services can also extend to provide addiction recovery program and other care programs needed for restoring the mental health. Baltimore Humanitarian Service offers a wide range of humanitarian services to help individuals recover.

Therapist counsels teenage girl in support group

Baltimore Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs

Psychiatric rehabilitation programs are designed to help individuals who are going through severe crisis in their lives. This is a comprehensive group of care services which provide help and care that cater to all round development of an individual. Here are some of the following features of these programs:
  1. It aids you with employment
Financial crisis is often a leading cause of poor mental health. In this program, the participants are taught how to seek for jobs, how to get employment and pay bills. It teaches them important technical and educational skills.
  1. It provides social wellness
These programs focus on developing confidence and self esteem in the participants. They learn important social and communication skills which are required to thrive in the society. Additionally, it teaches how to access community resources.
  1. It caters to personal care and development
The psychiatric rehabilitation programs also lay an emphasis on personal care and growth. From nutrition, health, medication to education, addiction recovery and relapse prevention, it aids with everything. It also includes fun activities and hobbies which can keep the participants engaged and promote the quality of life.

Housing and Transportation services

Baltimore Humanitarian Service offers housing and transportation services to those who require food, shelter and transportation. Participants of this program can lend a hand in these services but it optional and voluntary. Individuals who need transportation services and shelter are helped in every way possible. Besides providing nutrition, this program also emphasizes its search for shelter based on the most suitable environment needed by the individual.

At times when the house is full, Baltimore Humanitarian Service does not spare any effort in searching for alternative solutions. Housing is provided on a first come first serve basis. However, everyone is welcome and these assistance programs aim to encompass everyone in need.

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